United Family Cultural Exchange

We Create a Cultural Exchange Program in Which Both Parties Can Benefit

Making Your International Experience Dream Come True!

Our Motives

United Family Cultural Exchange is an organization with a strong desire to connect people of different cultures and to create a cultural exchange program in which all the participants will benefit. Our team is here to support young people who want to explore China and hospitable Chinese families who are striving for international experience at home.

Our Aims

One of our primary global goals is to create peace and mutual understanding between China and America. We also aspire to make the dreams of Chinese kids come true. Most of them can only dream of having an enthusiastic teacher of English who is also a native speaker.  Who can teach them better than a passionate adventurer and a participant of our program?

Our Mission

United Family Cultural Exchange is ready to make the transition to China a smooth and pleasant process for every participant of the program. Our team will be there to assist you with every step of the way, including the decision to go, preparing papers, and transportation means. We can guarantee professional guidance and personalized support.


United Family Cultural Exchange is a program which always puts participants' goals and needs first. We always strive to ensure that our educators are happy with their location, dwelling, their host family, and surely, jobs we prepare for them. Our team is ready to answer any question concerning the program. Call us now and get the answer immediately!


Our employees will always be there for you during the whole process, no matter what period you choose to stay in China and devote to the program (3-6 month, a year or even more). When you arrive in China, United Family Cultural Exchange will focus on helping you out with every aspect you feel you need assistance with. We will fully support you until you come safely back home.


We believe that working and living abroad should be a pleasant and worthwhile experience, developing your personal and interpersonal skills. United Family Cultural Exchange company is oriented on finding a great family, job, and communication circle for every participant so that they all have a guaranteed right work-life balance and feel great during the whole program.

With United Family Cultural Exchange Transition to China is an Easy Process!

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Advantages of United Family Cultural Exchange

Why Choose Us


Our highest priority is to maintain peace between China and America, to develop the global vision of the citizens of two different countries, and to make new generations of both Americans and Chinese improve their personal traits through international communication and cultural experience. Living in the whole other country is a unique adventure because it teaches you to establish yourself as a professional, and as a personality with a broad worldview.


In every other exchange program for adults, you are supposed to come and live on your own in the country you haven't visited before. It doesn't only puzzle a foreigner and makes them feel uncomfortable, but it also doesn't give even a tiny hint on how the cultural life of a new country looks and feels like. With United Family Cultural Exchange it's all different! When you live in a Chinese family, have meals with them, and spend valuable time in their family circle, you get the needed fresh social vision and feeling of inclusiveness in Chinese culture.


United Family Cultural Exchange is not a charity program. As you work, you should get a reasonable sum of money as a salary to make up your living and not to feel limited in the new surrounding. In our program, you need to work 30 hours per week, 6 days a week. Teaching English is a respectable job in China, which also means good wages, up to $2000 per month. This way, you can quickly compensate the money spent on the program and then earn more for a trip around China at the end of your application or other expenses.

Bored with your life routine and want to start an adventure abroad?