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I was 15 when I first came to the United States with FLEX Future Leaders Exchange Program. When I visited the USA for the first time, I couldn't speak English. Gestures were the only language I could use for sufficient communication (if it may be considered adequate:)). When I didn't remember a word or couldn't understand the phrase said to me, I got extremely nervous. For weeks I had been under the influence of a huge cultural shock that wouldn't let me feel satisfied with my trip or get the most of this experience. 


Moreover, I lived with a host family in a small town, so I couldn't find anyone else from the other cultural background and felt absolutely lonely. However, in a couple of months, I found myself to be an absolutely new person. This exchange program has changed my personality and mindset drastically! During that academic year in the American family, my life goals changed, and finally, I became a mature person with a lot of passion in my heart.


With my experience in mind, I am sure that International Education and life in foreign families who are the representatives of a different culture is crucial for self-development. The only thing which worried me in the times of my youth is excluded in the United Family Cultural Exchange - cultural shock. The participants of our exchange program won't have it at all! Nowadays China is an excellent spot for tourism full of foreigners. So during your free time, you will be capable (and even motivated!) of joining the social group of foreigners who meet every week as a communication club, go to picnics and interact a lot. What is more, all the aspects of your journey will be taken care of as United Family Cultural Exchange is the company who takes into account all your wishes and does their best to provide you with the most favorable conditions of work, living, and fun.


Aizhan Zhusupova

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