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Who Are We?

United Family Cultural Exchange LLC is aimed at making a working trip to China available and pleasant for every American. What makes us different from any other organization is that we keep cultural aspects in mind. We also care about the comfort of our participants.

Job Opportunities

United Family Cultural Exchange deals with every aspect of the trip to ensure participants have a pleasant experience in the international program. People, taking part in a program, have vast job opportunities and appropriate salary, which can cover all their living and traveling needs.

TEFL Certification

TEFL Certification is a necessary ESL Teaching Certificate that can be quickly received online. TEFL certificates are widely recognized around the world, so later you may use it for other jobs, traveling opportunities, or self-development options.

Living in Families

Going to China, you will not have to be alone staying in a hotel, a student hostel, or an abandoned apartment in the distant district of the city. With United Family Cultural Exchange, you will become a part of the intelligent and wealthy Chinese family from a high class.


Nowadays China is a country of tourists and foreigners working there.  So, during your free time, outside the family and work location, you have extensive opportunities to join a cultural group of foreigners who meet every week to communicate and have fun together.

Personal Development

Travel is a unique opportunity to enhance your positive character traits, develop independence, and world view. Working in another country with representatives of a foreign culture is, even more, developing personal qualities, responsibility, and interpersonal skills.

There is no better way to teach and live in China!

United Family Cultural Exchange LLC essence is created to help American Citizens come to China for work and cultural exchange for a certain period. We understand that traveling and working abroad is a unique and exceptional experience. If you take part in the United Family Cultural Exchange, our team can guarantee that you will genuinely live this experience and feel it completely!




 Years Old


year teaching experience


hours of TEFL certification



Phenomenal Outcomes of Our Exchange Program

1. The employment rate of American citizens will rise from 3.6% up to 5%

2. Chinese families will learn the English language and understand American culture better.

3. Americans will share their linguistic and cultural experience and get a vision of the new culture and mindset.


Let us know and start the adventure of your lifetime in China!